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This video from the March 2014 meeting demo features Steve Roth explaining how to forge weld. Steve covers fire setup and control and goes through three different welds of increasing difficulty. A special camera setup and filter makes it possible to accurately see the fire and metal colors for welding which is critical to learning this skill.

Steve Roth – Forge Welds

This section will have the list of the items in the SOFA library that are available for members to borrow as well as information about the borrowing process, etc.

2016 | Spring (633 downloads)

Presidents Corner, Editor’s Note, QuadState 2015.

2016 | Winter (509 downloads)

Presidents Corner, Editor’s Note, QuadState 2016 recap, Gallery, etc.

2015 | Summer (375 downloads)

Presidents Corner, Editor’s Note, Dick Schaeffer’s Wizard Bottle Opener DemoDoug Lockhart Class by Roy Adams, Blacksmithing as a Beginner by Gene Simmalle, Intership with Thomas Latane by Roy Adams, ABS News, QuadState 2015 preview

2014 | Summer (523 downloads)

Presidents Corner, ABS Mid-America Details, Chip Brown – Viking Belt Buckle Demo, Steve Roth – Forge Welding Demo, Roy Addams – Asp Rasp Demo

2014 | Fall (356 downloads)

Presidents Corner, Editor’s Note, Door Latch Class, Salute to Bruce Woodward, Lookback: QuadState 2013 and Gallery, QuadState 2014 details

2014 | QuadState (307 downloads)

President’s Corner, Note from the Editor, Raymond Devine QuadState Experience, QuadState Demonstrator Galleries: Heather McLarty and Jan Aijian, Clay Spencer and Dave Custer, Dan Nickels and Derrick Bliss, Mace Vitale and Sam Salvati, Gallery photos, classifieds.

2006 | June (369 downloads)

NOB Hammer-In Report, Member Gallery (INCOMPLETE)

2006 | August (355 downloads)

Ed Huelsman demo – Oxen Yokes, Member Gallery, Making Charcoal, (INCOMPLETE)

2005 | May (355 downloads)

Brian Thompson demo – Catatails and Pipe forging, SMithing on the Web, Member Gallery

2004 | Jan - Feb (349 downloads)

Brian Thompson demo – Door Stop and Bottle Opener, SOFA Organisation, Blacksmiths of Bahrain (excerpt)

2004 | Mar - Apr (345 downloads)

Hans Peot Candleholder, Stainless Steel Bracelet, Member Gallery

2003 | March (358 downloads)

Contributing Editor Jeff Morrison’s Letter, Recap of recent demos (no technical details)

1994 | Jan - Feb (312 downloads)

President’s Message, Colonial Poker, Basic Blacksmithing Plus Die Striking, Member’s Work, Dandy Coal Bin, ABANA President’s Letter

1994 | Mar - Apr (311 downloads)

President’s Message, sheet Metal Forging and Tools, Forging a Leaf, Forging a Cardinal, Forging Wrought Iron, Forging a Chain Link Without Flux, Forge Welded Four Rod Hanger, Member’s Work, ABANA President’s Letter, The Village Blacksmith

1994 | May - Jun (346 downloads)

President’s Message, Club News, From My Armchair, Tea Kettle Hanger, Fleur De Lis, Torch Fixture, Yang Chisel, ABANA President’s Letter

1994 | Jul - Aug (351 downloads)

Steve Roth: Reworking Old Tongs, Hans Peot: Five Styles of Tongs, Hand Grenade Twist, Jigs

1994 | Nov - Dec (305 downloads)

Tool Making from Scrap Steel, ABANA President’s Letter

1993 | Jan (357 downloads)

President’s Report, Blacksmith’s Doggeral, ABANA President’s Leter, Rebar Letter Opener, MoreThan You Ever Wanted to Know About Boeax,Clinker Free Forge, Treadle Hammer with Adjustable Head,Old Files and New Knives

1993 | Apr (289 downloads)

President’s Letter, Meeting Report, Trip Report, Texturing Took, Ornamental Wrought Iron Designed, Fire and Steel (Prestige of a Different Kind), Vise Mount, ABANA President’s etter, Chapter Liason Newsletter

1993 | May (300 downloads)

President’s Message, Meeting Reports, Arc Welding Steels, From Grandpa’s Shop: Bender, ABANA President’s Letter

1993 | Aug (375 downloads)

President’s Message, Scott Murry Hose Stand, Ron Thompson Demo: Copper Sheet Metal Rose, The Blacksmith Preacher Rev. Robert Collyer, ABANA President’s Letter

1993 | Oct (321 downloads)

President’s Message, The Man Who Didn’t Know, Ken’s Ram’s Head, Hans Peot Pattern Cutting Device

1993 | Nov - Dec (312 downloads)

President’s Message, Ron Turpin’s Mystery Braid Demo, Forging a Silver Bracelet

1992 | Feb - Mar (320 downloads)

Demo notes, Welding Colors, Welding Chain Links, Blacksmith Notes: Basket Hilts, Animal Heads,Welding Alloy Filling Materials

1992 | Apr - May (290 downloads)

Forge Furnaces Combustion Facts, Propane Gas Forges, Shop Tips, Bolt Head Marking Chart, Flat Stock Decorative Leaf, Welding Flux, Studebaker Trivet

1992 | Jun - Jul (298 downloads)

Meeting Notes, Scarfing and Hammering Strategies for Forge Welding, Material Choices for Pattern Welding, Building a Bootscraper, Shop Tips and Techniques

1992 | Aug - Sep (311 downloads)

Theory of Heat Treatment of Carbon Toolsteel for Woodworkers, Blacksmithing Tools and Techniques, ABANA President’s Letter, Francis Whitacker Sea HorseFinishes and Patinas

1992 | Oct - Nov (300 downloads)

Gas Forge Alternatives, ABANA President’s Letter, Quick Change Dies, Aluminum Forging, Clay Spencer Demo: Treadle Hammer Tooling, Williamsburg Ladle, Andiron, Strike a Light, and Toaster

1992 | Dec - Jan (304 downloads)

QuadState Wrapup, Early Style Butt Plate, and Trigger Guard, Knife Forging, Pipe Hawks, Shop Tips and Techniques

1991 | Feb - Mar (322 downloads)

Throw Door Bolt, Kerosene Lamp Hanger, Steak Turner, Wizard Bottle Opener, Hints to Blacksmiths and Horseshoers, Using Mild Steel for Dies, Shop Tips and Techniques

1991 Apr - May (297 downloads)

Safety Notes, Brief History of Casting, Shop Tips and Techniques, Positive Pressure Ventilation

1991 | Jun - Jul (321 downloads)

Ladle with Iron Handle and Brass Bowl, Information on Anvil Repair, Blacksmiths Magic, ABANA Presidents Letter, Lye Water Quench, More on Quenches, Sheet Metal Rose, Shop Tips and Techniques

1991 | Aug - Sep (396 downloads)

Shop Tips and Techniques: Heart Hooks, E-Z Hardy Hole Shanks, Gas Forge Flux Resistant Refractory, Pritchel Hole Sizer, Safety Tips, Fireplace Shovel, ABANA President’s Letter, Shopt Tips, Know Your Materials

1991 | Oct - Nov (287 downloads)

Carbon in Steels, Effects of Alloys in Steels, ABANA President’s Letter, Forged and Chased Knob, Steel for Making Flower Petals, Shop Tips and Techniques, Making Your Touch Mark, Pearls from Hans PeotCorn Drier and Simple Heart Trivet

1991 | Dec - Jan (296 downloads)

ABANA President’s Letter, Blacksmithing Notes, Peot’s Gas Forge, Trammel Hook, Blacksmith’s Ruler, Portable Anvil Stand, Hinge Pins, Angle Iron Leaves, Match Holder, RR Track Andirons, Pizza Cutter

1990 | Feb-Mar (305 downloads)

Stuart Hill’s Clayton Knot, Homestead Scale Blacksmith’s Shop, Anvil Swage Block, ABANA Trip Contest

1990 | Apr-May (282 downloads)

Octopus Coat Hooks, Copper Water Dipper Demo, Tools and Techniques of the Cutler in France in the Early 1800s, RR Track Bridging Table

1990 | Jun-Jul (309 downloads)

Francis Whitaker: Fredrick’s Cross and Forging Hints,Making a Tomahawk, Making a Hatchet

1990 | Aug-Sep (301 downloads)

Shop Tips: Bending Helper, Adjustable Bending Fork, Candlestand Welding Alignment Jig, Hardie Radius Block, Anvil Holddown, Dragon’s Head Bottle Opener, Flower Motif, Welding Rods for Anvils, Wall Hook, Candle Cup Jig, Tongs, Tong Construction, Dorothy’s Hardy Took, Welded Handle

1990 | Sep - Oct (289 downloads)

Notes from ABANA Conference, 10 Commandments of Welding, Forge Welding Tips and Techniques, Welding Tips, Traveling Demo Bench, Strap Hinge Eye Bending Jig, Jig for Tight Corners or Split Work

1989 | Feb-Mar (298 downloads)

Emmert Studebaker Letter – I Appreciate SOFA, Shop Tips and Techniques, RR Spike Tomahawk

1989 | Apr-May (Double Issue!) (302 downloads)

RR Spike Foot Scraper, On De Hitting of De Metal, ABANA President’s Letter, Shop Tips and Techniques (Many!)

1989 | Jun-Jul (301 downloads)

Making a Pintel and Hinge, Conventional Hinge, Horse Head Poker Handle, Shop Tips and Techniques

1989 | Aug-Sep (306 downloads)

Spring Fuller Tool, Working with Sheet Brass, ABANA President’s Letter, Shop Tips

1989 | Oct-Nov (287 downloads)

Eye Protection for the Welder, 10 Commandments of Welding, Touchmark Gallery, ABANA Letter

1989 | Dec-Jan (298 downloads)

Electric Wall Sconce, Wrought Iron Body/Tool Steel Face Hammer, Temper Color Chart, QuadState Report, In Appreciation

1988 | Feb-May (Double Issue!) (282 downloads)

ABANA Notes, Power Hammer Forging, Blacksmith Hints, General Safety for Metal working, Helpful Hints for Harmonious Hitting, Tooling (Francis Whitaker, CBA Quality Demonstrators, How do you Price your Work, Making a Heart Fork, The Problem of Electrolysis, Door HInges, Some Thoughts on Craft Shows, Adjustable Height Fullering Jig, Forge Welding, Shop Tips and Techniques

1988 | Jun-Jul (283 downloads)

Latch Notes, Candle Sconce Fuller Tool, Shop Tips and Techniques, Forging Non Ferrous Metals, ABANA Notes

1988 | Aug-Sep (311 downloads)

QuadState Report, ABANA Conference Report, Letter from Emmert Studebaker to Members, Tools from Tie Rods, Shop Tips

1988 | Oct-Nov (302 downloads)

Understanding and Sharpening the Twist Drill, ABANA Letter

1988 | Dec-Jan (280 downloads)

QuadState Report, Maple-leaf Candel Holder, Safety Precautions for Oxyacetylene Rigs, RR Spike Leaf Wallhook

1987 | Feb-Mar (273 downloads)

Decorative Twists, Simple Methods for Identifying Metals, Gas Forge Notes, Running a 3-Phase Motor on Single Phase

1987 | Apr-May (Double Issue!) (300 downloads)

Making Bicks, Quadstate Report, Reflections on Samuel Yellin, Before the Anvil Rings, Polar Bar with Francis, Talonted Poker, Universal Offsetting Tool, Dancing Bear, Iron Puzzles

1987 | Jun-Jul (284 downloads)

Making Hinge Eyes, Blacksmiths are Special People, Rams Head Poker, Shop Tips and Techniques

1987 | Aug-Sep (292 downloads)

Shop Safty Tips, Appalachian Reprints, Bolt Heads, Edged Tools – Light Weight Kind, One Piece Spring Fuller

1987 | Oct-Nov (Double Issue!) (283 downloads)

Early American Hatchet Reproduction, On Demonstrating for the Public, Safety with Hand Tools, Tips on Blade Sharpening and Tempering, Vase and Flower Center Pieces, Shop Tips and Techniques, Steer’s Head, Shovel Forming Die, Fishing Gig, Beam Hook Jigs, Grinder Safety, RR Spike Door Knocker, Suffolk Type Door Latch, Swivelling Chopping Plate, Batson – Seybald Forge, Plant Hanger, Metals of Farm Machines, Effects of Alloying Elements

1987 | Dec-Jan (313 downloads)

Twist Drill, Saint Eligoius – Patron of Blacksmithing, City Herald Studebaker Article, Sheet Metal Rose

1986 | Feb-Mar (288 downloads)

Tips on Buying a Power Hammer, Associated Power Hammer Tips and Techniques, Legendary Damsascus (Wootz) Steel

1986 | Apr-May (275 downloads)

Some Interesting Information on Pattern Welded (Damascus) Steel, More on Power Hammers

1986 | Jun-Jul (286 downloads)

Clayton Knot, 1836 Era Blacksmithing Projects: Wrought Iron and Steel Faced Hammer, 5-Piece Felling Axe, Creature HEads, Simple Trivit

1986 | Aug-Sep (288 downloads)

Notes from Kentucky Blacksmith’s Association Conference, Report on Northwest Ohio Blacksmiths Association Meeting, Manufacture of Damascus=Pattern (Rifle) Barrels, An Analysis of Wrought Iron

1986 | Oct-Nov (310 downloads)

QuadState Notes, Hand Forged Beaver Trap, Shop Tips and Techniques, Collars, Photo Tips, Safety Tips

1986 | Dec-Jan (286 downloads)

Gas vs Coal Forge, Thoughts from a Blacksmiths Wife, Shop Tips and Techniques, Reposse Tip, Basic Metallurgy, Wizard Head

1985 | Feb-Mar (292 downloads)

Finishes Part 2, Damascus Steel vs Damascu Pattern Steel, Beginning Blacksmith: Spark Test, Tips on Resurfacing an Anvil, Shop Tips, Classfieds, Sources

1985 | Apr-May (282 downloads)

Finishes Part 3, More on Damascus Steel, Making a Ram’s Head Poker, Shop Tips, Beginning Blacksmith: Box Tongs, Chain Links, Collars, Punching, etc.

1985 | Jun-Jul (269 downloads)

Indiana Blacksmith Conference Notes, Tribute to the Blacksmith, Refurbishing the Statue of Liberty, Finishing Part 4, Debunking Two Myths, How to Become an ABANA Chapter, Shop Tips, Heart Candelabra, Protecting your Hearing

1985 | Aug-Sep (278 downloads)

Finishes Part 5, Shop Tips and Techniques, Arc Welding Electrodes

1985 | Oct-Nov (290 downloads)

Fluxes, Shop Tips and Techniques, Bending Angle Iron, G.O.D.’s Own Scarf, Tempering Color and Notes

1985 | Dec-Jan (312 downloads)

QuadState Report, Pivot Hook and Hasp, Ohioana Article on Studebaker, Shop Tips and Techniques, Nail Forging Sequence

1984 | Oct-Nov (379 downloads)

How Iron Technology Changes the Ancient World, 1984 ABANA Conference, Hot Splitting on the Hardy, Shop Tips

1984 | Dec (301 downloads)

Probable Origin of the Terms Hardy and Pritchel Holes in the Anvil, Finishes Part 1, Shop Tips, Sorces, Blacksmith’s Tool Bench, Beginning Blacksmith: Lap Welds, 6-Strand and Pineapple Twists

1983 | March (284 downloads)

Third Hand devices for forging. Making a creased and veined leaf from angle bar. The member list was removed from the web edition for privacy concerns.

1983 | June (266 downloads)

Fracture mechanics. Larry Woods Tomahawk forging (wrap style) notes.

1983 | November (262 downloads)

Southern Illinois Pig Iron, Quadstate Roundup photos

1982 | Nov - Dec (308 downloads)

This is the earliest newsletter that we have in the library. It mentions the Club’s not for profit status. It has a short article on sources for found steel for smithing. The member list was removed from the web edition for privacy concerns.

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I saw a smith stand with his hammer, thus,
The whilst his iron did on the anvil cool.

– Shakespeare, King John