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To All:
If you want to be put on, or think you should be on, the Clay Spencer Tire Hammer interest list and did not receive today's (Nov. 14) Tire Hammer Update please send me an email to put you on the interest list.

[email protected]

Thanks, Mike
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Ray Clontz Tire Hammer Workshop (50 lb)

Location: SOFA Building; Troy, Ohio

Dates: April 19-22, 2018
40 plus hours over 4 days

Estimated Cost: $1500 ...Pricing is by no means complete at this point

Requirements: Current SOFA membership (apply on SOFA website:

Prior work: 2-4 subassembly sessions will be held at the SOFA building on
weekends prior to the workshop. All participants must attend these
sessions or fabricate the pieces at their homes or pay a $100 fee per missed pre-assembly session.

Review: Review attachments from Clay Spencer to better understand the depth of the tire hammer build.

Motels and Camping: I-75 and St. Rte. 41 is the closest major intersection for motels, restaurants and retail stores.
Camping is available on the Miami County Fairgrounds.

Necessary for Build: As you can see on the attachment from Clay Spencer, this is a
labor intensive project involving lifting and carrying up to 50lbs. as well as long days on your feet. At a minimum, experience working with metal and mechanical ability are required. It will be necessary that within the group some participants be certified or experienced welders, machinists, and/or fabricators. Please let Mike Brennan (see below) know which of these skills you possess.

Those Interested: Respond to Mike Brennan, Workshop Coordinator at [email protected]

Send no down payment at this time. I am gathering a list of those who are interested until November 30.
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Nevermind. Don't think I can spend 1500 like that. I wouldn't be doing right for my family

Where are the attachments from Clay Spencer to review?

SOFA website

1 month ago

Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil

Blacksmith Studio Korch
Жозеф Штраус
Французская полька "Праздник Огня" (op. 269)
Ульяновский Государственный оркестр народных инструментов
дирижер Иван Крайник
солист кузнец Александр Романов
концерт "Музыканты улыбаются" 1 апреля 2017 года
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Next year's dates for Quad State are Sept 21st,22nd & 23rd. And the gallery Feature catergory is Animal forms .

Brian T
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Question. Isn't quad state held on the 4th full weekend of September if so that would put it at September 28th 29th and 30th?

Start the countdown!!!

Mark Hansberger save the date!?

I’m there, or will be 🙂

I was wondering if, or when the Kevin Cashen Bladesmithing workshop from this year's event might be available on video. Unfortunately, I missed a bit of it and would really like to see more of it.

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1 month ago

Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil

I'm finally getting a chance to share a few pics from Quadstate 2017. Will post more later. All three of Kevin's sessions were packed with a large audience who took lots of notes and asked great questions! ~Karen~ ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

Charlie Hollis

This workshop will be added to the website soon... ... See MoreSee Less

This workshop will be added to the website soon...

1 month ago

Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil

Teaching aids and class prep. Course packet is almost done. ... See MoreSee Less