Project Description

Oxford, Michigan

A Pete Bennett Design

  1. Hole – start with 1/2″ square x 9-1/2″ stock
  2. Center punch – then slit and drift 3/8″ hole
  3. Upset by heating then quenching all but the hole
  4. Slide drift through hole
  5. Finished 3/8″ hole
  6. Trivet foot – draw a 6″ taper from center of hole
  7. Begin scroll over anvil (note: make sure scroll is correctly oriented from position of hole)
  8. Then continue and finish scroll using scrolling jig
  9. Completed trivet foot
  10. Tenon – measure 5-1/2″ from center of hole
  11. Draw out the end
  12. Make 3/8″ tenon
  13. Square shoulder using monkey tool
  14. Finished tenon (note: to keep tenon from splitting when peening, grind edges to a 45-degree angle)
  15. Assembly – secure all three pieces together for final assembly
  16. Heat end of tenon and peen over to make button-head
  17. Finished trivet

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